Professional mixer - GL2800 SERIES - GL2800-840 Mixer

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    Gl2800-832 Style Audio Mixer Prices

    GL2800 is a compact, dual function, LR, M, 8 group, 10 aux, 12× 4 matrix console. Frame sizes range from 24 to 48 channels including 2 stereo channels.

    The GL2800 is an 8-bus dual function analogue mixing console designed for
    Professional audio applications. Whether mixing FOH, monitors or both, recording live or in
    The studio, installed in a busy venue, out on the road touring, or earning its keep in rental
    Stock, the GL2800 provides the perfect solution. Engineered to the same exacting
    Standards as our top of the range consoles it ensures the highest reliability and finest sonic
    Performance. We have taken the outstanding success of our industry leading GL consoles
    And provided yet more innovative capability and enhanced performance for modern mixing.

    GL2800-824 Mixer,GL2800-832Mixer,GL2800-840Mixer,GL2800-856Mixer