Microphone - signal amplifier / Antenna distribution - PSC28 antenna distributor

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    This machine is a UHF antenna distribution system with amplification function,

    8 groups 16 channels.

    It can expand the function of a wireless microphone system

    by splitting a pair of antennas into a wireless receiver.

    It can also amplify RF signals to compensate.

    RF Multi SMA is the antenna distributor which is very convenient to operate.

    Two BNC input socket can connect two 500-950MHz active antenna , and every BNC socket can distribute eight SMA output socket to connect the antenna socket

    of the wireless receiver. So two BNC input socket can distribute total 16 SMA output socket ,

    two group1X8 RF distributor. There are two power switch on the RF Multi SMA ,

    one is the power main switch of the distributor , the other is the power supply switch of the

    active antenna In additional to this ,there is also a 4 Pin Hirose power socket of the

    RF Multi SMA , can use with the power supply which in 10V -15VDC range .

    (Notice : Be used with caution the 14.4V lithium battery cause the output voltage

    will be sli ghtly high when starting up with the lithium battery ,

    it is possible to cause damage to the equipment.

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