Microphone - signal amplifier / Antenna distribution - UA845UWB antenna distributor

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    The SKYTONE Model UA845UWB Antenna Distribution System allows up to four receivers to use the same

    set of antennas. There are also power connectors for distributing power to each receiver. RF signal

    amplification compensates for insertion loss from splitting the antenna input to multiple outputs. Cascade

    connectors allow connections to a fifth receiver or a second UA845UWB. A button on the front panel

    switches between one of five frequency bands from 174 to 1805 MHz.

    System Features

    The SKYTONE Model UA845UWB ensures maximum sensitivity and signal processing capability,

    providing the widest radio range possible for the largest number of wireless receivers.

    • 5 Selectable Frequency Ranges The UA845UWB allows more options for avoiding

    • intermodulation artifacts by switching between one of the five frequency bands.

    • RF Power LED Indicators Front panel LED indicators display red if RF power is overloading.

    • Expandability The UA845UWB Antenna Distribution System is designed for large wireless

    • systems. Each unit allows up to four wireless receivers to use the same two antennas, and the

    • cascade ports allow connection to a fifth receiver or a second UA845UWB.

    • Compatibility The UA845UWB is compatible with all Skytone wireless microphone receivers

    • operating within a compatible frequency range.

    • Cascade Ports Two 50 ohm, BNC-antenna cascade ports allow an additional UA845UWB unit or a

    • fifth wireless receiver. A large wireless system can be run off of a single pair of antennas.

    • Power Output and Out Connectors Multiple receivers can be daisy-chained and powered from a

    • single source via the power output connectors.

    • Low Noise and Intermodulation Distortion The UA845UWB maintains clean signals with minimal

    • distortion.

    • Insertion Loss Compensation Whenever a signal is split to multiple output ports, there is a loss in

    • signal strength. The UA845UWB amplifies signals to compensate, ensuring a strong signal to the receivers.

    • Front-Mounted Antennas The UA845UWB comes with hardware to front-mount the antennas, if desired.

    Remote-mounted antennas have the advantage of being free from the unit and closer to the transmitters.

    They can be placed anywhere within the recommended cable length, creating a much wider radio

    reception range and further reducing the possibility of signal dropout. Please ask your SKYTONE dealer

    for information on in-line RF amplifiers.

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